While I am familiar with the nuances in design, the best settings for intimate affairs, the most talented vendors and cuisine with unmatched taste, it is your vision that will be at the root of everything. I will plan, design and dedicate countless hours to the logistics, layout, look and entire atmosphere for your wedding.

Curating The Start-To-Finish Details 
That Inspire Memories For Couples From Coast To Coast

Destination Wedding Planner Services

Go ahead. Indulge. Raise a toast. Be there in the moment. This is all based around the experience, and I cannot wait for you to not just like it, but to love it.

The timelines, mood boards, vendor communication, coordination and contracts…let me attend to every detail. Plus answers to every etiquette question you might have.

A personalized ambiance that is always romantic and elegant, and unlike anything else. Tell me what you have in mind, and I will elevate your vision with artisanal expertise.

 Four Seasons Troon North

Stephanie + Hayden

“If you are looking for a stellar team of people to plan your wedding, I highly recommend Kayla and the SLIC team! From the first call until the days following our wedding, they executed on everything they said they would and exceeded all of our expectations. I did everything long distance, and Kayla made sure everything looked the way I wanted it to and worked closely with my husband and myself as well as my mother on design! Going into our wedding, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to enjoy everything due to stress, but from the moment Kayla and her team arrived I felt so at ease. They had everything put together to a T, brought me everywhere I needed to be, and kept everything SO on time, I don't even think we were a minute behind on anything!”

“If I could give Kayla and her team 1000 stars, I would.”

Different Point Of View

Radhika + Ryan

“We planned our complex full-day wedding all the way from NYC, and honestly the best decision we made for our entire wedding process was hiring SLIC and working with Kayla. We don't know what we would have done without her! Kayla saved us so much time finding and working with our vendors, making our design ideas come to life, organizing our entire very busy day, and perfectly coordinating our huge wedding party + rehearsal. So many guests complimented us on how organized the day was, despite all the different events, and how beautiful everything was. Kayla was so nice and easy to work with.”

“Everything on our wedding day was absolutely seamless and more than what we could have dreamed!”

  • Overall style
  • Mood board
  • Color palette
  • Venue layout
  • Set up
  • Design concepts
  • Tablescape mockup
  • Rental coordination
  • Seating assignments
  • Clean up

Other vendors will send their potential couples my way for weddings that need a trained eye when it comes to the design. I create a classic, yet distinguished design for each wedding. Includes the following and then some.

1. the full design

1 / 4

the logistics I will look after

  • Contact list
  • Vendor arrival time
  • Minute by minute overview
  • Addresses
  • Ceremony details
  • 25+ pages of details

From the address you will get ready at, to when you can expect the flowers, and who will oversee which aspects of the day, I prepare a custom master timeline for every wedding so nothing is missed. And I will create itineraries for your wedding party to cover their specific responsibilities and arrival times.

2. The timeline

2 / 4

the logistics I will look after

  • On-site wedding planner
  • Personal assistant for the couple
  • Vendor coordination
  • Timeline oversight
  • Guest management
  • Emergency kit
  • Tablescape setup
  • Gather family for photos

From beginning to end, I will oversee the design, style the details on-site and respond personally to your needs. It is my goal to make sure it all comes together.  Given the in-depth collaboration prior to the wedding, I will know exactly how to handle any day-of changes or concerns with your priorities already understood. And best of all, the pressure to look after any of the above will be taken off of you, parents and others in the wedding party.

3. wedding

the logistics I will look after

2 / 4

the 4-phase planning process

Let me tailor something classic for you. First, simply reach out to receive a full pricing guide. If my approach continues to sync up with your needs, I will invite you to book a complimentary consultation to learn more about what you have in mind, and make sure I am the Hepburn to your Audrey.

starting at a minimum of  $15k

Wedding Planner Packages

My four-part process has been refined over nearly a decade to save an abundance of time and stress. This lends itself to an experience with all the support and guidance you might need. You will know where in the planning process we are while breaking down to-do lists into manageable — and enjoyable — decisions. Even better, it is customized to your personal schedule so it works for you, not against you. The easy-to-use online portal helps too (housing your timeline, mood board, vendor lists and more).

The Framework For A Flawless Experience

Your vision is my muse and your preferences are my style guide. Tell me everything from your must-haves to your please-don’ts. This understanding of who you are, the story that brought you here and your priorities for the wedding itself are the foundation of the planning process. A discovery questionnaire and design meeting help us gather the initial ideas.

01. gather the ideas & curate the concept


Even the most meticulously planned affairs fall flat if proper attention is not paid to aesthetics. We will work together to select meaningful, immersive design details that speak to your story. It is my goal to create a cohesive sensory experience across every last touch-point— ensuring yours is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration you will not soon forget. 

02. Refine selections for a style you’ll indulge in


Behind-the-scenes orchestration and honing in on the minutiae is the name of the game. From emails and phone calls to collaborating with the area’s finest vendors, I work hard so you don’t have to. (On average, my team and I dedicate at least 300 hours to each wedding we produce!) Enjoy as much—or as little—involvement in planning logistics as you’d like. 

03. Orchestrate & oversee the logistics


Take it all in without a thought for the nuances, management and coordination any event brings with it. Your only job? To savor every last moment of your wedding. It is my honor to serve you and yours as you begin your married life together. From overseeing setup to keeping your timeline on track—I will work with discretion to ensure your wedding is seamless, streamlined and rooted in unparalleled sophistication.

04. Be enamored by elegance & emotions


questions, meet answers.

Wedding planner services FAQs

This is entirely up to you. My couples often make the decision to move forward based on the desire to fully enjoy their wedding, take out the guesswork, save hours of time and avoid any unnecessary stress. In addition, given that I also take on the design aspects of the wedding, this leads to a wedding that is unique, sophisticated and tailored to you from the timeline to the tablescape. With nearly a decade of experience, there is a level of knowledge and industry know-hows that cannot be matched with day-of coordination or DIY.

It is ideal to have 12 months, at least, to design, book vendors and line up all of the details. Rushed deadlines are not what dreams are made of, and this applies to dreamy weddings too.

Any event, with proper organization and dedication, can be planned whether it is next door or across the ocean. Fortunately, I have experience planning destination weddings and am likely personally familiar, or have strong connections, with the location you have in mind. Let me know where you’re headed and we can chat through the logistics from there.

While my full-service wedding planning includes day-of coordination, I do not offer this service on its own. To guarantee the style, experience and sophistication you came to me for, I simply cannot enter the planning process day-of. 

The venue is one of many fundamental decisions so I can only imagine the relief having made that decision already! However, as soon as I am brought into the process, I will help you organize the layout, design, setup and many other aspects of the venue that are required for a cohesive event. The full-service experience is in no way lessened because you already booked the venue.

Yes! A core of my work is handling the many nuances that come with an event of this level. You would be surprised at what might come up, and what you may have not even thought of. This is a secret love of mine, and I hope to use this knowledge to make your wedding even more stunning and refined.

Long-distance communication is my forte, using emails as the main form of communication, in addition to monthly check-in phone calls and texts as needed. Plus, there is an online planning software you’ll have access to that keeps everything (contracts, timelines, mood board…) in one location. It does not surprise me one bit when couples text me to share their excitement, or quick Q’s.

Planning That Lets You Feel Poised + Present

Destination + Arizona Wedding Planning

Sure, an event could be beautiful. But is it immersive, almost persuasive? Let’s create something that is not only filled with bona fide class, but also the emotive, story-led elements that will inspire the time of your lives.